Console Asset for Unity

Console Enhanced

A Reboot of the Unity Console

Walkthrough of Redesigning the Console

Console Asset for Unity

Basic Features

Text Search Filter: Quickly search through all logs using the search filter.
Multiselect: Quickly copy the log to the clipboard.
Display Options: Customize font size, color, background colors, and icons; or keep the same look and feel as the regular console.
Scroll Effect: Enable smooth-scroll animation to make it clear when new log entries are added.
Color Flash Effect: Enable to make sure you don't miss important messages.
Playmode Compiler Options: Gracefully avoid Unity's edit-and-continue feature.
Feels Native: Designed to look and feel like a console Unity could have made.
Optimized: Extensively profiled, optimized, and tested during a 6-month beta period.

Pro Features

Callstack Navigation: Open any line of the callstack with a double click.
Custom Tabs & Categories: Organize logs in custom categories that sit alongside Error, Warning, and Log tabs. Tabs are matched using keywords of your choosing. Simply toggle tabs to control spam!
Wrapper Function Support: Specify your project's wrapper functions so that when clicking on a log entry, it takes you to your function instead of Debug.Log.
Open With: Easily switch between multiple code editors. Edit code in Visual Studio and debug using MonoDevelop.

Video of Pro Features

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